The Baptism Ceremony Schedule:  

These parish times begin @ 1:30 pm
Holy Trinity - 1st & 3rd Sunday
St. Mary - 2nd Sunday
St. Anthony - 4th Sunday

Contact Maria Clune at (419) 678-4802 or

These parish times begin @ 12:30 pm
Mary Help of Christians -1st Sunday
St. Peter - 2nd Sunday
St. Paul - 3rd Sunday
St. Joseph - 4th Sunday

Contact Amy Schmitz or Janet Steinbrunner at (419) 375-4153 or

Here are the Godparent requirements you may refer to when deciding on who your child's godparents will be.

The * at the end indicates the bullet points that are required. All other bullet points are strongly encouraged.

  • Must be at least 16 years old *
  • Must be Baptized, received First Communion, and Confirmed in the Catholic Church *
  • Must attend and regularly participate in the Celebration of Mass every Sunday and on Holy Days of Obligation
  • Must be married in the Catholic Church, if married. *
  • Is not cohabitating with a person outside the bonds of marriage
  • Is in good standing with the Catholic Church and able to receive all sacraments

* At least one Godparent must be Catholic *

  • If only one Godparent is Catholic, the other Godparent must be a baptized Christian