Often, the family and close friends will want to gather following the gravesite service for food and fellowship. Families enjoy a time to remember and celebrate their loved one in a more informal setting. During your meeting with the bereavement minister, you will have the opportunity to discuss your options for a luncheon at one of the parish facilities. Each parish has a committee of volunteers that will plan and prepare a meal for you.

Luncheons at St. Anthony
St. Anthony parish has a cook and a team of volunteers who will take care of a luncheon for the family. There is a set menu that is prepared.
Contact JoAnne Alig at 419-852-7337

Luncheons at St. Mary
It is customary for neighbors in the St. Mary parish to take care of any funeral lunch needs. If you have any questions about funeral luncheon planning.
Contact Donna Hemmelgarn at 419-305-3441